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Infrared surveys can be done from the air
Infrared viewers can see hidden moisture
Find defects in insulation for noise and heat issues!
Energy audits to find heat loss and waste
Predictive maintainance to detect potential equipment failure early
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Scantech EMF for Dallas Ft. Worth and Texas


Provider of EMF (Electromagnetic Force) & Radiation scans and surveys for the Dallas - Ft. Worth North Texas area and beyond!

Also specialists in graphics and industrial presentations using digital video and 3D animation.

infrared image of wall in house

Energy audits are one of the classic uses of infrared thermography.

It is easy to detect expensive energy loss from buildings and to find critical areas where heating or cooling is leaking out.

Remember, poor installation, missing material and misalignment is rarely visible to the naked eye unless you tear into the structure itself. (Destructive Testing)

IR thermography lets you look beyond the visible spectrum to see issues behind the surface.

While an infrared camera cannot see through walls, it can see the effects caused by structural and installation flaws.

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