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Infrared surveys can be done from the air
Infrared viewers can see hidden moisture
Find defects in insulation for noise and heat issues!
Energy audits to find heat loss and waste
Predictive maintainance to detect potential equipment failure early
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Scantech EMF for Dallas Ft. Worth and Texas


Provider of EMF (Electromagnetic Force) & Radiation scans and surveys for the Dallas - Ft. Worth North Texas area and beyond!

Also specialists in graphics and industrial presentations using digital video and 3D animation.



SCANTECH for EMF Radiation Radon Scans & Surveys in Dallas Texas

Scantech is a unique provider and technical consultant for EMF (Electromagnetic Force) & Radiation scans and surveys for the Dallas - Ft. Worth North Texas area and beyond! Also specialists in graphics and industrial presentations using digital video and 3D animation.

Erle Rawlins III
3610 Congress Avenue
Dallas, TX 75219

Ted A. Cartwright - Environmental Consultant
 817-540-3712 cell /  817-845-0664 

  • Visual home inspections for homeowners and new home buyers
  • Design consulting to clients & builders for new homes and special needs

  • Self test kits available to help determine if there is a problem.

  • Mold (water incident or humidity)

  • Dust (attic or outside)

  • VOC's (Volatile Organic Chemicals in new paints, furnishings, attic or other)

  • Testing and consultation on other pollutants and health hazards(pesticide, fiberglass, CO2, or other)  


Larry Mason - Advocates Realty
14465 Webb Chapel Rd. # 212
Farmers Branch, TX 75234
''Building Relationships That Last A Lifetime''
Phone: 214-550-5111 / Cell: 972-900-2375 / Direct: 972-900-2375 / Fax: 214-550-5118

Infrared Thermal Links

Stockton Infrared Thermographic Services, Inc. (SITS) is one of the USA's leading providers of Infrared Thermographic Services, SITS provides aerial, electrical, mechanical, and building infrared surveys, and infrared consulting and research and development services.

Snell Infrared...Enabling The World To Think Thermally!T:

Thermal Solutions - The largest independent infrared conference for thermographers!  | 

AITSCAN Aerial Infrared Thermographic Services - AITSCAN thermographers survey flat roofs to find moisture, discover pollution sources in creeks, lakes, and streams, find steam leaks and hot water leak in district heat systems, perform animal census work like Deer Counts, fly high voltage power lines and perform many other specialized services.

ElectriSCANT Electrical Infrared Thermographic Services - ElectriSCANT thermographers provide state-of-the-art electrical infrared thermographic surveys on electrical equipment and apparatus including electrical switchgear inspections.

BuildScanIRT Building Infrared Thermographic Services - BuildScanIRT Thermographers provide state-of-the-art building infrared thermographic surveys to locate structural defects in masonry buildings, find moisture in building components, locate missing, incomplete, or misplaced insulation, and to detect thermal envelope problems.

CompuSCANIRT Infrared Thermographic Services - CompuSCANIRT thermographers specialize in the infrared inspection of the electrical and mechanical systems that support the continuous operation of computer centers.

MechaniSCANT Mechanical Infrared Thermographic Services provides predictive/preventive maintenance programs and surveys for mechanical equipment and components.

ProcessSCANT Infrared Thermographic Services - ProcessSCANT thermographers help manufacturers solve process-related problems, improve machine speed, and reduce product returns.

IRresearcherT Infrared Thermographic Services - The IRresearcherT division supports the efforts of all other divisions of Stockton Infrared Thermographic Services, Inc. (SITS) and performs applications-specific infrared surveys including all the applications that SITS performs where needed. In addition to this general support, there are two other specialized groups: microSCANIRT and CONSULTINGT which provide consulting support and services.



 American Society of Nondestructive Testing (ASNT) official homepage

Energy Saving Insulation

HVAC Engineering Organization


Envirochex  is a Dallas-based consultant specializing in healthy indoor environments.  Founded by Mr. Randy Penn, envirochex  provides investigation, testing, and consulting services relating to microbial contamination and indoor air quality issues:

Medical Consulting

Texas State Indoor Air Quality


City of Carrollton:

Independent Real Esate Owners: