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Infrared surveys can be done from the air
Infrared viewers can see hidden moisture
Find defects in insulation for noise and heat issues!
Energy audits to find heat loss and waste
Predictive maintainance to detect potential equipment failure early
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Currently working with

Scantech EMF for Dallas Ft. Worth and Texas


Provider of EMF (Electromagnetic Force) & Radiation scans and surveys for the Dallas - Ft. Worth North Texas area and beyond!

Also specialists in graphics and industrial presentations using digital video and 3D animation.


Thermal Equipment Used:

  • Raytheon 400 D 25 mm lens (non-radiometric)
  • Electrophysics TVS700 35 mm lens (radiometric)
  • EZ Therm 50mm lens with Compaq PDA display (radiometric)

Other Equipment Used:

  • Provision Model Borescope (for inspecting behind walls - invasive testing)
  • Trimex Wetwall Detector (4 inch range) for Non-Destructive Testing
  • Protimeter Moisture Meter